C1 Piston Pump - 500 Gallon

The “Lifetime Pumps” can be inherited, or purchased recently. They still do a job that modern pumps can’t achieve – low flow over a high head, allowing for smaller pipe over long runs. Yes, they do need regular maintenance, but are worth the investment.
Maintenance Hints:
– Make sure the oil in the back end is at the correct level and hasn’t been contaminated with water
– Regularly bleed the pressure tank (if your system has one)
– Check the liner isn’t scored (as this will lower the performance of the pump)
– Check the plunger rod isn’t scored (as this indicates the pump may have run dry and the gland packing needs attention)

McQuinn Pumps have operated for 40 years in Whangarei, New Zealand. For performance information – look on this page: