B1 Piston Pump - 300 Gallon

B1 Series
The B series (Formally known as the Davies B Series) is a single cylinder double-acting piston pump especially adapted for open or pressure tank service. The enclosed type of crankcase is designed to meet a demand for a pump which has a minimum of exposed working parts, thereby securing maximum safety of operation as well as good lubrication. The pump is suitable where the vertical distance to the lowest water level does not exceed 7.6 metres (25 feet).


Davies B1 Standard – 300 Gallons per Hour (300 Gallon Pump)
Davies B1 High Pressure – 200 Gallons per Hour (200 Gallon Pump)
Davies B1 Low Pressure – 400 Gallons per Hour (400 Gallon Pump)

Maintenance Hints:
– Make sure the oil in the back end is at the correct level and hasn’t been contaminated with water
– Regularly bleed the pressure tank (if your system has one)
– Check the liner isn’t scored (as this will lower the performance of the pump)
– Check the plunger rod isn’t scored (as this indicates the pump may have run dry and the gland packing needs attention)
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